Services & Skills

Business experience = smooth implementations + anticipation of cross-channel business opportunities.

Please contact for freelance or full-time opportunities.

  • Hands-on and managed services
  • Fast ramp up in new environments; make immediate impact
  • Problem-solver with excellent organization, communication and management skills
  • Strategy & Planning
    • Matrix organization needs assessments
    • Competitive research and SWOT
    • Alignment to corporate objectives
    • Historical and analytical reviews and forecasts
    • Qualitative and quantitative
    • Budget & time sensitive plans
    • New business and existing business development
    • New prospect plans utilizing wide-range digital channels
    • User experience including multiple language personas
  • Goal review and creation; benchmarking; improvement plans
    • Goal samples for every channel
    • Established metrics and reporting
    • Utilize existing reporting tools and/or create new (e.g., Google Analytics, Omniture, Excel)
    • Fiscal and monthly goal templates; staff’s goal alignment & efficiency planning
  • Technical translations and liaison between developers and non-technical stakeholders
  • Broad understanding of digital platforms, software, technology, utilization and integration
  • Project management & implementations
    • Experienced with, Wrike, excel, Google shared docs and custom designed collaboration tools
    • Ad-hoc project management for one or many concurrent Interactive/Online/Digital Marketing projects; short-term situations welcome
    • Resource, budget, and timeline management – existing or new projects
    • Blended responsibilities adaptable to project needs
    • Flexible to work in dynamic, changing-priority environment
  • Data analysis, CRM integrations
  • Website, microsite, blog, online community, ecommerce
    • Implementations, enhancements, content development and ongoing updates
    • Old to new site design and conversions with advanced SEO
    • Content management system (CMS) ongoing website updates and content management services
  • Social and Site ongoing maintenance services – keep sites fresh and grow the audience.
    • Social media monitoring, content management, and maintenance
    • Daily, weekly, monthly, and on-demand services;  monthly agreements or per-project maintenance
  • Advanced Email Marketing
    • Full service, expert email marketer
    • List growth and conversion strategies
    • List health services; deliverability analysis;  full email health diagnosis utilizing your metrics and subscriber stats
    • Ongoing email copywriting, content gathering, database updates, segmentation, landing pages, QA
    • Multi-channel data feeds; advanced email strategies;  campaign integrations
    • Marketing automation utilizing email (e.g. cart abandonment, automated trigger emails, campaign cadence scheduling and much more)
    • Custom solutions
    • Setup and deployment; A/B testing
    • Work with any ESP or will help you select an ESP
    • Report setup and analytic reviews and recommendations
  • SEO
    • Hands-on SEO full services; site evaluations, social SEO, recommendations,
    • Old to new site SEO migration plans
    • On page site optimizations
    • Analysis of page by page SEO site structure
    • Keyword review, competitor comparisons, “right” keyword discovery
    • SERP (search engine rank page) reporting – one time and ongoing
  • SEM/PPC/display
    • Advertising campaign management
    • Spend and ROI analysis
    • Strategies for improving ad placements by reducing bounces, increasing keyword and ad relevance, and improving landing pages
    • Agency management and accountability
  • Mobile
    • Manage projects and agency coordination
    • Small-mid sized mobile projects
    • Mass marketing and SMS database services
    • Responsive and mobile site development projects
    • Agency selection and management services
  • Content
    • Strong writing and grammar skills; demonstrated ability to research, write, refresh, and edit copy
    • Conform to various style guides
    • Optimized content for site, blogs, email, social
    • credentialed
  • Data/CRM
    • Reach the right person with the right message at the right time
    • Strategies to improve data quality and customer intelligence across the enterprise
    • Data integrations across channels
    • CDI and data hygiene solutions
    • Data and database management consulting
  • Budget
    • Budget optimization plans.  Answers the questions: Where should I be spending? How do I allocate budget?
    • Comprehensive online/interactive/digital budget reviews, cost reduction plans without sacrificing needed services, ROI improvements
    • Resource evaluation, gap analysis, planning
    • Multi-million $ P&L management experience
    • Marketing plans for any budget – small businesses benefit well from strategic focus
  • Reporting
    • Creation of executive and staff online results reporting
    • Analytics and custom digital marketing dashboards utilizing Google Analytics and other business intelligence
  • Expert vendor negotiations, management & RFPs
    • Requirements discovery, analysis, scope documentation
    • Project budget development and scope containment
    • Work with agencies and vendors
  • Other
    • Client facing assignments
    • Experienced at managing staff and multiple vendors and projects simultaneously
    • Ala carte services to optimize budget and focus
    • Per project or ongoing agreements
    • Temporary staff augmentation assignments
    • No obligation initial chat – Contact

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