Becker website – Becker.com

  • Managed rebuild of site including new content, designs, platform, hosting and vendor
  • SEO strategy and migration of 4000+ URLs
  • Incorporated multiple lines of business – domestic and international

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Comcast InternetEssentials.com website (2011-2012)

  • Led 9 vendors  in development of Comcast/NBC  http://www.Internetessentials.com  
  • Special features
    • Multiple web page hosts required content integration and competing vendor cooperation for seamless appearance and transition
    • APIs from host to ESP for real-time email broadcasts and future automatic email triggers
    • Training in Your Area – realtime zip code database lookups for training locations within 25 miles of the zip code
    • Geo-coding and API transmission of lead gens by location from one web host to another for prospect development
    • Video asset and training library
    • Custom page development and designs including interstitial with flash timing coordination between vendor hosts
    • Dual language content – English and Spanish
    • Image and newsletter galleries with auto pull into categories

internetessentials3 internetessentials2 internetessentials

http://www.Benet.org (Redesign and replatform 2010)

  • Strategy, planning, navigation, design, vendor, CMS technology and platform selection, content development, and management of migration of old Benet website.  
  • Merged Benetonline.org alumni community (active community est. 2000) into Benet.org main site to create stronger alliance and community
  • Special features
    • SaaS CMS platform
    • 100% created and maintained in house
    • ecommerce, online donations/event tickets, online community, member management, event modules, video, forums, groups, news feed, email system, databased form modules, password gated areas,  file library, integration with external academic applications,  content request/support ticket workflow tool,  administrator management tool, much more
    • Developed online curriculum guide that centralized information and created faster UX to find frequently accessed content
    • Advanced calendar app utilizing event and date categories and filters on events
    • Faculty directory, bios, pages, and customized syllabus creation
    • Audience includes parents, students, faculty/staff, alumni, prospective students and families, area feeder schools, universities, business sponsors

benet-site teacher-web-pages teacherbios

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube Channels

  • Implemented social media marketing at Benet

twitter facebook

Email Marketing Network Implementation at Benet

  • Grew opt-ins 1200% over 10 years


Q&A with Email Industry Experts.  The How-to Everything Email Seminar.  Hosted by Jill Keogh

  • Sold out seminar at $199 – $399 per ticket using Adwords, banner display ads, press releases, and email marketing.
  • Recruited panelists include:  AOL Director of Anti-Spam Operations,  Microsoft Director of Technology and Security,  President of FreshAddress.com,  President of NetCreations (acquired by ReturnPath), and others.
  • Topics included ISP relations, anti-spam filtering, whitelists, avoiding false positive traps, latest best practices, B2B vs. B2C issues, Can-Spam, CRM, how to grow e-mail lists, finding lost email addresses, list rentals, appends, eCOA, HTML/text format and issues, creative, delivery, list suppression, 3rd-party reputation services, executive summary SPF, SenderID, new tools for measuring e-mail results and more.
  • Attendees included marketers from Accenture, AAA National Office, American Eagle, Boston University, Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls, Christianity Today, GSI Commerce, In the Swim, JeanneJennings.com, FTD.com, Harp Interactive, Red Hat, Reiman Publications, Uline, West Monroe Partners, and ZDirect, Inc

“Very intelligent and relevant information. Well-chosen panel.” FTD.com

“…Panelists were great” Chicago Blackhawks

“I found the information this seminar provided useful. The presenters were excellent and answered each person’s questions completely. Very informative.”
Christianity Today (over 1 million email subscribers)

The Permission Emailer’s Guide to Avoiding Filters by Jill Keogh  – MarketingSherpa.com 2003-2005 best seller. $99

“Jill did a fantastic job of researching a complex and (at the time) little-known topic – email deliverability and filters that affect marketers and online publishers. She forged deep relationships, virtually and in-person, with sources in the industry who normally did not speak with the press on the topic. She then was able to translate technical concepts into plain English for our readership of business people, so they could readily understand the topic and what actions they should take for their companies to succeed. It was a pleasure working with Jill and I would do it again.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity   2011 Quote from Anne Holland – Founder, MarketingSherpa.com

Webinar/Transcript/Audio CDs/Guide to Avoiding Filters.

Jill Keogh (MarketingSherpa.com) and George Bilbrey (ReturnPath President and Co-Founder) webinar and audio transcript on Best Practices to achieve email inbox placement.  Hosted by Marketingsherpa.com $149

The Buyer’s Guide to Broadcast Email Firms, 2nd Edition by Jill Keogh, Anne Holland, and Janet Rogers  – Marketingsherpa.com 2004  $149

Comparison of features, benefits, and differentiation of 51 leading Email Service Providers with industry-first email solution categorization in a 346-page guide.  Included index of 689 leading corporate marketers and which email service  providers they use.