Career and Testimonials

FREELANCE WORK – Digital Marketing

“Jill has an amazing ability to quickly understand the situation at hand and the opportunities that are present. Her experience in business and digital marketing will benefit your organization.” – Pat Buschette, Jostens

BECKER PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION (Division of DeVry University)   – Downers Grove, IL Manager Digital Marketing Becker is the industry leader in CPA Exam preparation courses and CPE certifications for CPAs. 

  • Brought on board to lead website rebuild, SEO, and email strategy and initiatives.
  • Managed Sr. Digital Designer and freelancers
  • Managed agency developers and digital vendors including Brightedge
  • Digital budget management
  • Worked cross-functionally within the marketing department and across IT and compliance

“Jill was a highly valued member of my digital marketing team, with responsibility for the Becker website along with Search Engine Optimization.  She led the implementation of a new tool (Brightedge) and took optimization to a whole new level at Becker.  She was a critical member of the website redesign team, demonstrating her technical abilities in working with the various agencies involved in the project.  Jill also established a new monthly digital scorecard which was a significant undertaking.  Overall, she has very strong digital acumen and brings a lot of experience to the table – along with her high level of passion for all things digital!” – Susan Burns, Director of Marketing at Becker Professional Education

ALLANT GROUP – Naperville, IL  Digital Account Management (Client Solutions) Allant specializes in custom marketing database builds, data integrations, and third party partnering to deliver interactive and traditional marketing solutions for household name brands including Comcast, Nationwide, US Cellular, American Express, Costa, USTA…

  • Brought on board to provide interactive expertise for database driven email, website, social, and microsite solutions.
  • Led cross-functionally as Solutions Architect, Interactive Project Manager, and C/S Account Manager of Comcast email and website projects.
  • Led process and cross-functional teams including IT, DP, data model developers, business analysts,  sales, C/S, finance, and outsourcing resources in the resource assessments, solutions, strategy, and pricing/margin of RFPs and SOWs for 6 and 7 figure data services and interactive projects
  • Internally recruited from Client Solutions to Account Management to manage website, email, microsite, social media projects, SOWs, and interactive vendors for Comcast
  • Recruited by VP to develop process improvements for email campaigns broadcasting 60 million+ monthly emails for major client
  • Increased profitability and efficiencies through expert management of SOW, scope containment, resource management, and project tracking (see Key Accomplishments tab)

“Jill was a much-needed addition to Client Services, as we worked to build out our client-facing, interactive marketing operations function.  Jill has a wealth of knowledge across the entire interactive marketing spectrum, such that she could comfortably engage in strategic conversations with the client, manage the internal resources necessary to complete a wide variety of client projects, and serve as key operational liaison to several of our interactive vendors.  Jill served as a key resource to others in Client Services who were considerably less familiar with interactive marketing concepts and execution support.  Additionally, she was able to identify resource and knowledge gaps and provide improvement recommendations to Senior Management. Overall, Jill was valuable to her client, vendors, account team, peers and management.”  –Jen Williams, Vice President of Client Services at Allant

“Jill dove straight in to the deep end of a very difficult situation. Her ability to respond to the business conditions independently and implement significant changes in a short period of time can only be described as exceptional.”    -Kristen Toomey, Comcast Service Manager at Allant

BENET ACADEMY – Lisle, IL Assoc. Director of Development, Alumni and Online Marketing Manager Benet specializes in a demanding college prep education drawing enrollment from west suburban Chicago area

  • Brought on board to “awaken a sleeping alumni base.”   Responsibilities expanded to develop the interactive marketing plan for all online audiences.
  • Event marketing and participation growth plans utilizing online channels
  • Ignited grassroots movements to build interest, participation, and attendance in events (sports, academic, and performing arts), reunions, alumni events, and online community participation
  • Led strategy and implementation of all interactive, digital, and online marketing initiatives including email, Web 2.0 e-commerce site, online community, social media marketing, facebook ads, video, and SMS/mobile.
  • Replaced traditional print-driven event marketing with online event marketing; saved 75% in expenses and grew participation across all events
  • Grew alumni revenues 5-fold through donations and event participation
  • Grew applications for new students 33% in 1 year;  reversed a 4-year declining registration trend.  First school in area market with online registrations

“I had the pleasure of witnessing Jill’s passion, creativity and innovative spirit.  Two skills make Jill exceptional.  First, her use of images, technology and words to capture a set of core values lead to work product that has value for many years to come.  Second, her project management skills left me incredibly comfortable that the monumental (and always growing) wish list would be completed within the desired project timeline.  Thank you, Jill”  – Robert Wentland, Expert Accounting Witness (Benet Academy ad-hoc development committee)

“I can’t think of a person that I have worked with over the past 30 years who is as driven, organized and resourceful as Jill Keogh. She not only provides tremendous leadership to the team, but she has the knack to incorporate others into a project that ultimately maximizes the cumulating effort and results of the team. Jill is a pros pro.” – Marty Gaughan, Benet Academy Faculty and Executive member of the Website Redesign Team

Email Tech Editor, Best-selling email “how-to” author is a world-renowned, marketing practices leader specializing in research and how-to guides for Marketers; Circulation ~230k weekly readers

  • Attacked complex world-wide challenge of email filtering in the early 2000s.
  • Research author of the breakthrough Permission Emailers Guide to Avoiding Filters
    • Best seller for 2 years on
  • Co-Authored The Buyer’s Guide to Broadcast Email Firms (Second Edition) 
    • Compared 55 Email Service Providers with market segmentations in a 346-page guide
  • Regular article contributor on email deliverability and latest standards in identity authentication, whitelisting, Can-Spam, and best practices.

“Jill did a fantastic job of researching a complex and (at the time) little-known topic – email deliverability and filters that affect marketers and online publishers.   She forged deep relationships, virtually and in-person, with sources in the industry who normally did not speak with the press on the topic.  She then was able to translate technical concepts into plain English for our readership of businesspeople, so they could readily understand the topic and what actions they should take for their companies to succeed.  It was a pleasure working with Jill and I would do again.” – Anne Holland, Founding Editor and Publisher,

Branch General Manager  – Greater suburban Chicago area
“A global, innovative corporation that continues to create inspiring products and services in the field of imaging”

  • Appointed by Minolta President to manage branch office – sales, service, warehouse facility
  • Managed 100+ employees across multiple departments; branch sales strategy and objectives to achieve $15 million revenues.  P&L, facilities, and strategic cross-functional integration of departments to achieve objectives.
  • 16x President’s Club Winner – with different roles and in different territories;   #1 Branch in Nation in GP% (Konica – Minolta)

“I had just graduated college and entered the work force at Minolta Corporation and Jill Keogh was my sales manager. Under her leadership and skills I went on to become rookie of the year and sales representative of the year nationally. Without Jill’s training and ability and teaching me to get everything out of me I would have never become the business man I am today. I have never looked back on a 6 figure income since and Jill is a Major reason for my success.”  -Rick Dilcher, Vice President of Sales, Hunter Packaging